Power of the Bower

Power of the Bower

I’ve been working at The Bower all week…our little round AirBNB in Moncure.  Painting, repairing, improving, and working on the experience of the Bower Guest.  Most of our guests are the adventurous, nature seeking, environmentally conscious types.  They come for respite, for special occasions, for honeymoons, for time alone soul searching, or to just get out of the city.  A few have really not liked the spider webs in the woods or the artist in residence that accidentally scares them. Sometimes there is a leak during a summer storm.  For the most part, there have been very sweet appreciative people and a lot of healing and connecting done in that space. 

We’ve had over 200 guests since March 2017 when I brought it online.

If these walls could talk. The things that go on there are spectacular and special.  I know because of the trash and recycling.  And some of them tell me.

As I scrubbed and fixed things this week, I couldn’t but help feel gratitude for all the local artists and vendors that are part of the vibe of the Bower. I’m kind of riffing off of Lyle’s Art Walk @ The Plant. An outdoor walk with descriptions of the artists, stories and guide.

Lolly made kitchen shelving with the Durso twins in Scott’s shop out of their old bunkbeds.  It made me choke up a bit to know that Scott was probably watching over this undertaking in his fully equipped shop.  Truly special shelves made with love. (Scott left this world, his wife, Amy and twin boys in January 2019 after a horrific car accident. He was a beautiful soul.)

Some of the local artists and vendors that make the Bower special:

Salinda Dahl, painter and ceramic artist from Chatham County.
Julia Kennedy, abstract painter from Pittsboro.
Stillman Browning-Howe, potter and Lara O’Keefe potter, Pittsboro.
Janice Rieves, lighting, mosaic and sculpturist; Moncure.
Anne Schwerin, color and paint artist (and my Mother!)
Phyllis Burns, watercolor artist, Moncure. Died in 2019.
Mary DeMare, pastel artist; Pittsboro.
Carolina Hemp Tours at The Plant in Pittsboro carries hand sanitizer.
Jonathan Davis, glass blower and light artist; Pittsboro.
Vortex Roasters is at The Plant and DELISH. Pittsboro.
Stephanie Fay of Solstice Herb Farm in Pittsboro is our local soap maker.
Lyle Estill, scrap and metal artist created “Morning Glory”.
Ben Schikowitz, Stacye Leanza and Morag Charleton, painters.
Lyle Estill, metal artist: Choir Boys.
Hempsmith Company provides the hemp robes.
Jigsaw puzzle from the biodiesel days…real people from our project.

Come visit, or send your relatives to The Bower for an eclectic, artistic, local experience.

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