I began this travel blog in 2014 as I set out for my first sabbatical as an archive for myself.

Little was I to know that my life would become an even greater adventure. 

I came back refreshed and dove into sustainability education, local food and renewable energy with community as the glue.
2 years later my oldest son, Zafer died from the opiate epidemic in Boulder Colorado.  It turned my life upside down and quite a few others.  I wrote here about our beautiful community, how I was dealing with his death, and then it seemed like the place to write about other epiphanies and stories of life.

I’m transitioning out of the non profit over the course of this year and handing it on to the next generation.  I find that mentoring is extremely rewarding.

It’s a huge privilege to be able to take extended time and just drive and go see whomever and whatever I want.  I’ll report back.  I think it will be healing, clarifying and I’m sure I’ll come back with cool things to share with our adorable community in Chatham County, NC.  Thanks for reading.

Tami and Arlo at Meadfest, Pittsboro.

From 2014:

This blog is a journal for myself mostly and my friends and family…I’ll be traveling across the southern USA in “Baby Blue” to figure out my next steps as a non-profit director, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a community organizer.  I’m so excited to have some time to think, to explore and maybe there will be a great big revelation.  We’ll see.  I hope I inspire others to take some time for themselves, also.
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  1. Hey. My name is Tom. I work with Andrea Deyrup. I lost my son Sam to the H 3/22/15. Maybe one day we can share stories about all this . Sam and Zafer I’ll bet knew each other, but when it came to the drugs, Sam was A pro. If you choose not to respond to this that is A-OK, just now you have a kindred spirit over here in Durham and I so so know what you’re going through. Peace, Tom Sporn. Thomas.sporn@dm. Duke. edu


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