Memorial Day Weekend:  May 26-29, 2017
Join us to celebrate Zafer’s spirit traveling over the ocean of time to the Beach of  Stars.

He can now turn around and look back at us.  Zafer will be an ancestor that gives life to
the present.  Zafer will see with fully seeing eyes of nature and will help his loved ones…things
that seem like natural windfalls to the outside world will be of his assistance.

Schedule of Events:

Friday May 26
Arrive, Get Settled, Dinner, Music, Swimming
*We have tents/lodging for guests traveling from across the country.

Saturday May 27
8am:  Yoga on the southdeck with Niki
10am:  Trail Run
Winner receives a Z-hemp T
Noon:  Lunch
2pm:  Art Therapy with Tatyana

Sunset:  Dinner:  Pig Pickin’ with Tucker and Mackenzie of Lilly Den Farm
Stories and Poems Shared
Bring instruments to play!

Sunday May 28
10am:  Church
Grief Ritual

2pm:   Badminton Tournament

Sunset:  Dinner

Monday May 29
Swimming, Say our Goodbyes for now