Sabbatical: In Conclusion, The End and Universal Truth Learned


I’m at the end of this great adventure and I want to thank all of you for listening, for reading, for feeding and housing me, for sending encouragement during a few dark moments, for poems, books, songs and texts, emails and good advice. Huge thanks to my family and colleagues for holding down the fort and for allowing me to go. This blog gave me focus and allowed me to take you all along for the ride…sometimes bumpy.

During my 42 days away and almost 8000 miles, I had a different set of responsibilities. They were about the basics, food, shelter, warmth, soul searching and auto-mechanics. It felt like I was 20 years old again, but with more knowledge and experience.
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I’m home and realized that I’ve changed at a profound level. I think it’s greater confidence, calm and grace. We put on a community event Saturday and typically I’m running around hyperventilating and worried about things going wrong. I knew (because of Jenny, Briar Chapel and the great community help) that this was going to be the best 5K race we’ve ever organized. I didn’t look for the problems, just trusted that everyone was having fun, and it was a fabulous day.

The next day was a ½ marathon that Jenny and I have been training for. I literally had no anxiety…it was my first one and worse case, I stop and walk. Not the end of the world.
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Training for a ½ marathon while on the trip really helped me metaphorically:

*Taking the first step is the hardest…once you start, you just put one foot in front of the other until you get to the finish line.

*Rest is just as important as work….I forget that often.

*Gave great focus

*Accountability…After a long run, I would reward myself by texting Lyle and Jenny…that motivated me to keep going. It helps to share the joys and concerns in one’s life.

*Taking things day by day, mile by mile and sometimes minute by minute.

Some random universal wisdom:

  • Girls just want to have fun
  • Water is life…I take for granted in lush NC
  • There is a solution to everything, seriously…everything.
  • Your life reflects your beliefs
  • Impermanence is devastating and is also magical; crisis is opportunity
  • Being judgie is not good for anyone…more compassion, please
  • I think religion and spirituality are about clarity, intention and removal of doubt
  • We each create our own reality
  • There is ENOUGH
  • Miracles are just a change in perception
  • Gratitude keeps worry at bay
  • Alone time helps sort things out
  • Being in the moment provides great joy
  • Take a deep breath
  • It’s going to be OK, in fact, it’s going to be phenomenal!
    iloveyou oklahoma
    I want:

    More quality, less quantity. Instead of a bunch of good experiences or projects, I want EPIC experiences, SWEET relationships, AMAZING projects that rock our world and make change.

    I want to go deep and know what’s going on in people’s hearts, not their heads.

    I want people to reach their full potential. I think many people have only scratched the surface of what they are capable of…think how great this community would be if people let go of their inhibitions and fear and just went for it!

    To help create more meaningful jobs. We have so many talented people doing such good work around here. I want them to be paid handsomely for creating our resilient community. I want Abundance, the Plant Eco-Industrial Park, the Distillery to enjoy resources and wealth along with this entire community of businesses, farms, organizations and for the small local folks to be rewarded for their courage and creativity.

    I hope I can inspire others to take that extra step to do what you want, to think about doing something that might seem scary…guess what, it won’t be after you get started.
    things just work out…magically in the best interest of you and at exactly the right time.

    It’s time to get back to work now and I can’t wait!

    Until the next adventure…

    starlight lylebabyblue dayofdead


About tamischwerin

I run a non-profit (Abundance NC) that builds community resilience including health of the earth, our bodies and our spirits. I also am active in creating an Eco-Industrial Park community in Pittsboro NC.

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  1. Welcome home Tami. What a great trip you’ve had. Sounds as if you enjoyed, were challenged and swore at something or someone more than once!
    Love to read your reflections in six-months time.


  2. Such great thoughts!

    This one in particular really resonated with me: “To help create more meaningful jobs.”

    I believe that people will flourish if they can connect their hearts to the work they do. While not everyone wants to create their own jobs themselves, if job creators can find ways to create more meaningful jobs (maybe even by reframing the purpose and methods of current jobs), I think it can go a long way to changing the state of existence for so many.

    I want to see people flourishing, no matter what they’re doing!!

    Anyway, wonderful post Tami!


    • Max,
      Your comment about jobs reminded me of a book I have read a few times. It is The Universe is a Green Dragon by Brian Swimme. In it, he says that the best thing you can do is do what you love because by doing so you will generate so much positive energy that you will energize others. I’ve always loved that idea. It’s so contrary to the sort of Protestant upbringing common to many Canadians and Americans in which we learned to buck up and persevere.


  3. Nice haul. I was just thinking some judgie thoughts when I read your words of wisdom. How lucky I am to know someone who just keeps getting better every year!


    • Look forward to it. N Woodrising Consulting Inc. 91 Scott Street Belfountain, Ontario L7K 0E7 Tel: 519.927.0523 Email: Website: Dusty Travelling Blog:

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