Picking Up Baby Blue!


baby bluMy sweet husband insisted that for my sabbatical, I should get a van or bus…..I was going to throw a tent and my bike into our little VW Golf and just go….but knowing that I’ve only camped a couple of times, and I’m not sure I ever put a tent up by myself, he saw disaster written all over it.  He thought it would rain and I would give up and then be in luxury suites the whole time, therefore blowing the budget.  So, thank you, Lyle for being the practical one….he wrote a very funny tale of our trip to Vermont to get this beauty…in sub below freezing temperatures and with only bedroom slippers on….For his take:  WESTY ACQUISITION.

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I run a non-profit (Abundance NC) that builds community resilience including health of the earth, our bodies and our spirits. I also am active in creating an Eco-Industrial Park community in Pittsboro NC.

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  1. Tami, you are doing it. How wonderful. What an adventure. Just you and baby blue. It’s hard for me to imagine such snow, being down here in Patagonia and all, but it looks kind of familiar. Check out my blog too. Our horseback adventure in the mountains continues. http://www.nicolaross.ca
    Don’t forget to record how you feel now about your adventure, what you feel about it mid-way and then again after you return home — if you return home. Nicola


  2. Tami….I’m so happy that you are taking off on a big adventure. Where do you plan to go and what do you want to do? When we did our big trip, it was so nice getting comments from people back home so I am now promising to keep in touch. I look forward to reading your blog and living vicariously through you.


    • Sharon, not as exotic as your trip! I’ll put the towns I think I’m going to on The Plan page and ya’ll let me know if you have art stops, bar stops, camp stops, food stops! I want to do a wide variety of things, like pop into a random church or a cool bar or go see outsider art or hike a mountain or whatever I want….
      Thank you….getting really excited…xxoo tami


  3. I am thrilled with your adventure, and I thank you for including me on your recipient list for updates and locations. The worst thing that can happen to an adventurous soul is contentment. I am proud of you for broadening your wish list.


  4. Hi Tami- Thanks for sharing this link with me. I can’t tell you how much nostalgia washed over me when I saw this. I will definitely be checking in on your adventure, and reminding myself that I have more ahead of me…

    Here’s a link to some great travel music: http://www.lordhuron.com/

    Be Well- Heidi


    • Oh Heidi, thank you for putting such love and detail to baby blue…just learning her…I’m thankful it was owned by a woman…all the details. You’ll be on the road soon. I suspect it is in your blood!


  5. Tami, I hope your adventure is moving on down the road smoothly now that you are in the swing. Lyle stopped by today while I was gone and left us some lovely citrus. Marco Polo strikes again 🙂 We are headed out for our big Florida adventure on Friday. I would love to visit the baby owls…they are so beautiful! Mother Nature’s miracles remind us how lucky we are to be here! Miss you


    • Kersten, Are you going west coast of florida? I’ll call ya and tell you where to go if so! St. Petersburg and the Fort De Soto State Park is where they are! So cool. Miss ya’ll!! xxoo


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